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 Adesh Hospital & Research Center

Adesh Group of Institutions came into existence in 1989 with the aim and object of providing ideal healthcare facilities to the population of southern Punjab and adjoining areas of Haryana and Rajasthankeeping in view of the uneven distribution of health care and educational facilities in Punjab state. All the healthcare institutions were situated in central Punjab district more so or around the National Highway no.1. A critically ill patient of Muktsar or around had to travel around 200 kilometres to get treatment at Amritsar, Ludhiana or Patiala. The long journey of moving such critically ill patients takes heavy toll of precious human lives right on the way. Looking onto the total scenario Adesh Hospital & Research Center (P) Ltd. came into existence in 1991 at Muktsar with primary aim of providing uninterrupted comprehensive secondary level medical care under one roof to the needy population of the southern Punjab and adjoining areas of Haryana and Rajasthan state.

Adesh Hospital & Research Center came up as first corporate hospital of the state and as a fully developed residential campus on 15 acres of land with Indoor bed strength of 200 and all state of the art infrastructure and equipments for management of all medical emergencies. In the last 5 years the institution has grown at a tremendous speed. Taking into consideration the demand, new superspecialities are being added and the indoor strength is increased to 200 to 300 beds. Now it can be compared with the finest health care institutions of the state and is reaching its goal of excellence in a short time.

Hospital services

Advanced Trauma Centre

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre

Radiology services

De-addiction Centre

Fully Automated computerised Laboratory services

Blood Bank


Neonate ICU/ Nursery

Paediatric Unit

Dialysis Units

Operation Theatres

Laproscopic / Endoscopic Surgery

Lithotripsy Unit

Poision Management Centre

Cardiac Unit

Orthopaedic Unit

E.N.T. & Allergy Management Unit

Gynae & Obstetrics Unit

Infertility Centre

Psychiatry Unit

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery/ Dental Unit

Paediatrics Unit

Ophthalomology & Refraction Unit

Advanced Trauma Centre
An advanced Trauma Centre is managed by experienced consultants in Orthopedics, General Surgery, ENT Medicine, Paediatrics, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery backed by top notch diagnostic & clinical facilities to ensure prompt and effective management of trauma/ accident cases. The Trauma Centre is backed by ICU/ICCU with multipara Cardiac Monitors, Defibrillators & high end Ventilators, Blood Bank, MRI, CT Scan, X-ray, Arterial Blood Gas Analyser (A.B.G.) etc. to tackle all medical and surgical emergencies round the clock.

Radiology services
M.R.I. (Adesh Diagnostics, Bathinda)
C.T. Scan
X-rays: 100 mA, 300 mA (Portable), 700 mA
24 hours services are available and all Special Investigations are carried out in routine basis.

Laboratory services
We have installed following hi-tech modern equipments in our Fully Computerised Laboratory to provide comprehensive diagnostic facilities:

Automatic Cell Counter
(MS4 Nova Biomedicals) for complete blood counts (Hb, TLC,DLC, RBC count, Platlet count, RDW, PDW, MCV, MCH & MCHC, PCV & HCT)

Fully Automated Express Plus Biochemistry Analyser
(Bayer U.S.A.) All biochemical analysis are done with 100% accuracy.

Arterial Blood Gas Analyser
(Nova-Phox 6 Parameters) for Hb, PO2, PCO2, Blood pH, SO2% and HCT with Biocarbonate having 100% accuracy.

Automatic Electrolyte Analyser
( Nova Biolyte - U.S.A.) for Na+, K+, Cl-, & Li+, Ca++, Mg. etc. with 100% accuracy.

Elisa Reader
(EL-5) for all types of immunology tests such as HIV, HbsAg, HCV, T3, T4, TSH, Torch Panel, Growth hormones, PSA, Tumour markers are done with 100% accuracy. We are carrying out the following specific investigations:

Histo-cytology Stone Analysis for any type of stone :
gall stone, renal, uteric stones etc.)
Histopathology : 150 (D), 400
PAP smears : 100 (DOC)
FNAC (Fine Niddle Aspiration Cytology) : 150 (D), 50
Cytology of fluids (Ascitic, Pleural, Peutoneal and C.S.F., Synovial fluid etc.): 180 (150)D

Haematology including special stains like PAS stain, peripheral blood films and diagnosis of various Leukemias.

Culture & Sensitivity (including blood cultures and other special cultures)100,200. Mycology for dermination of fungal hyphae including Nail/ Skin scrapings etc. and Fungal Cultures. AFB Stain including sputum. Fluids etc. and Gram Stain. Serology including Widal Test (slide & tube methods), CRP, RA Factor, ASO Titre, Dengue Test etc.

Blood Bank
A well equipped Blood Bank is running round the clock to ensure disease free whole human blood for trauma/ operative cases. The hospital also provides Exchange Transfusion facility to save a lot of lives.

Intensive Care Unit/ Intensive Cardiac Care Unit
20 bedded A.C. ICU/ ICCU with
High end Ventilators
Multipara Cardiac Monitors
Pulse Oxymetres
Arterial Blood Gas Analyser (ABG)
Central Gases & Suction supply
under round the clock supervision of experienced Anaesthetist, qualified Medical Officers, Anaesthesia Technicians, qualified and trained Nursing Staffs.

Neonate Intensive Care Unit (Nursery)
The hospital is running a state-of-art Nursery under leadership of expert Paediatrician with facilities like:
Neonate ventilator
Pulse Oxymeter
Cardiac monitor
Radiant warmer
Phototherapy unit
Central gases & suction
Exchange Blood Transfusion
Paediatric ventilator
All above services are available round the clock to tackle all kind of neonate/ paediatric emergencies.

Paediatric Unit
The Paediatric Unit of the hospital is running round the clock where following facilities like separate Paediatric Ward, Scheduled vaccinations etc. are available.

Dialysis Unit
Fully equipped, two sophisticated Haemodialysis units with central gases under care of experienced Nephrologist & expert Technician is available round the clock.

Operation Theatre Complex
Air Conditioned modern O.T. Complex with four sophisticated O.T. units equipped with:
C - ARM Image Intensifier
Operating Microscopes
Medisys Anaesthesia Machines
Central Gases & Sucction
Recovery Room
.......maintained by well-qualified paramedical & nursing staffs. The O.T. is running round the clock under leadership of Postgraduate Anaesthetist.

Laproscopic / Endoscopic Surgery
The unit is equipped with world-class instruments from KARL STORZ CO. (Germany). The specialized surgery is performed to minimise the length of hospital stay of patients and ensures complete recovery. Even Diagnostic Laproscopy, Overian Cysts, LAVH, Cystoscopy, TURP, TURBT, OIU for stricture urethra, Cystolitholapexy & Other Surgical procedures are performed in a routine order.

Lithotripsy Unit
For kidney stones, LITHOTRIPSY machine is installed. Renal, Ureter and urinary bladder stones are crushed without any side effect. This is effective for all types of patients including children, pregnant women (upper abdomen parts), obese/ fatty persons. So, no surgery / operation, no anaesthesia, no pain, no hospitalisation will be required.

Poison Management Centre
This hospital has most significant achievement in management of all types of poisons & spray etc. and considered as the biggest Poison Management Centre of this region. The centre is backed by 8 ventilators, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, pulse oxymetres, Dialysis Unit, Arterial Blood Gas Analyser (A.B.G.) etc. and expert faculty.

Cardiac Unit
- Computerized T.M.T.
- Multipara Cardiac Monitors
- Defibrillators
- Pulse Oxymetres
- Ventilators
- Spirometry
Cardiac unit is running 24-hours a day to deliver a comprehensive care to cardiac patients.

Orthopaedic Unit
- C-ARM Image Intensifier
Modern Trauma Surgeries under C-ARM, Hip & Knee replacement surgeries, Neuro-Paralytic Surgeries etc. are done routinely.

E.N.T. Unit
Audiometry, Micro Ear Surgery, Micro Laryngeal Surgeries, Head & Neck Tumour surgeries, CCG (Crypto Corpo Graphy), CRYO & routine ENT surgeries are done.

Gynae & Obstetrics department
The Gynae & Obstetrics department is running under qualified Gynaecologist. The unit is equipped with Septic and Asceptic Labour rooms with central gases & suction, a separate Gynae & Ob. ward.

Infertility Centre
An infertility centre is running in the hospital under leadership of consultant Gynaecologist and following facilities are available for the first time in the region:

For male infertility
SEMEN BANK for azospermic males
IUI facilities
Semen processing for poor semen quality
Farctose estimation in semen
Complete hormone analysis
FNAC (Testis)
Testicular biopsy
Ultrasound for scrotum
Treatment for oligospermia, asthenospermia
For female infertility
All laboratory investigations
All hormone analysis
Ovulation studies
Laproscopic studies for diagnosis and treatment of diseased tubes
Cytopathology and papsmear
All gynaecological & obstetrical operations

Oncology Unit
A full-fledged Cancer Hospital is running under the banner of Adesh Charitable Cancer Hospital, Muktsar with facilities like: - Diagnosis of Cancer
- Consultation and check-up
- Chemotherapy ( treatment with medicine )
- Cancer Surgery
- Radiotherapy : Cobult 60
- HDR Breaky therapy
Most common types of cancer such as Mouth, throat & Esophagus cancer, Breast cancer, Cervix & Uterus cancer, Lung cancer, Blood cancer etc. can be detected in a very early stage. This is the very first cancer unit in the Malwa belt of Punjab and the most well equipped private cancer institution not only in Punjab but also whole of north India. The state-of-art latest models of Radiotherapy equipments imported from Canada and Holland are fully functional.

Dietetics Unit
This is the only hospital in the region to have a proper dietetics department for the benefit of the patients of Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Malnutrition, Anaemia etc. Even Pre-operative and Post-operative diet consultancy is provided to the patients undergoing surgery in the hospital. The unit is being run by expert Dietician & Nutritionist.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre
A state-of-the-art Physiotherapy cum Rehabilitation Centre is running in the hospital. Acute as well as chronic injuries are seen in the OPDs to deal with Orthopaedic, Neurological, Paediatric, Cardiac, Respiratory and Sports Physiotherapy conditions. Common patients seen in the OPD are Back pain patients, Osteo arthritis knee, Peri arthritis shoulder, Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Neurological disorders, Locomotor disabities, Postural problems etc. Facilities available are: Cervical & Lumbar Traction, IFT, TENS, Short wave diathermy, Ultrasonic therapy and fully equipped Exercise Therapy Lab. with Parallel bars, Ramps & Steps, Walkers, Joggers, Weights and Pulleys, Static cycle and Treadmill.

Free De-addiction Centre
The hospital is running a Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment centre equipped with 25-bedded de-addiction ward and two Out Patient Departments under leadership of a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Clinical Psychologist. One M.Sc. Psychiatric Nursing, Medical Officers and other paramedical staffs are working round the clock in service of indoor patients. The services are being rendered FREE OF COST to the patients.


Adesh University

Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Bathinda

Adesh Institute of Dental Sciences & Research, Bathinda

College of Nursing (AIMSR) Bathinda

College of Physiotherapy (AIMSR) Bathinda

College of Paramedical Sciences(AIMSR) Bathinda

Adesh Institute of Pharmacy Bathinda

Adesh Institute of Biomedical Sciences Bathinda

Adesh Polytechnic College of Pharmacy & Technology, Bathinda

Adesh Institute of Engineering & Technology, Faridkot

Bhai Maha Singh College of Engineering, Muktsar

Adesh Polytechnic, Muktsar

Malwa Polytechnic, Faridkot

College of Nursing (AIMS), Muktsar

College of Physiotherapy (AIMS) Muktsar

Adesh College of Paramedical Sciences, Muktsar

Adesh Hospital & Research Center, Muktsar

Adesh Charitable Cancer Hospital, Muktsar

Adesh Diagnostics, Bathinda & Muktsar


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